CMMP® means the Certified Marketing Management Professional and it is a globally-recognized and a well respected  designation of professional and academic excellence in the field of marketing.

There are four stages involves on the road of receiving this highest globally recognized Marketing professional qualification and the Chartered institute of Marketing Management has received the accreditation to certify individuals who have shown professional excellence with the CMMP® membership grade.

The Four Steps are analysed below.

Associate CMMP®
Manager CMMP®
Executive CMMP®
Chartered CMMP®

CIMM® is authorized to issue the globally-recognized CIMM® (Certified Marketing Management Professional) which is the highest and the best respected professional and academic excellence in the marketing profession. The qualification shows the dedication and the perseverance of successful marketing professional in every part of the world. Individuals and corporate bodies who has earn the CMMP® shows that such entity has demonstrated a deep and broad knowledge in the marketing professionals all around the globe and are valuable to the client and organizations they seems to represent.

The CMMP® is for professionals in the field and are the sign or mark of excellence for individuals who shows the commitment to the ethical practice of Marketing Management. Its shows a strong validation that an individual is a professional in the marketing management field whom has successfully demonstrated competence in the skills, abilities and knowledge that is practically required in the marketing management professional field in the business cycle. There are globally recognized four levels in other to be a fully Chartered CMMP®, which is the highest level.

Let us briefly introduce the CMMP® program.


1. Associate CMMP®
2. Manager CMMP®
3. Executive CMMP®
4. Chartered CMMP®


1. Associate CMMP®

The CIMM® accredited Associate CMMP® grade is the first step in the internationally recognized and world approved certification which is meant for the needs of professional development of marketing professionals who are new in the marketing management professions are not able to go into the its depths. It’s an introductory stage certification for individuals and professionals who are in the other disciplines apart from marketing. It’s is ideally for Project managers, Account Officers, Customer Service Professionals, Marketing Associates, Client Service Representatives, Assistants to brand managers, Assistants to Marketing Officers, Territory Officers, Sales Officers, Digital Marketing Officers and Call Center Officers, This certifications is also ideal on the other hand for professionals in the non-marketing professionals to have a base in marketing like Engineers, Doctors, Public administrators, Business Administrators, Pharmacists, Lawyers, SME Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Educationists etc.

The Professionals who demonstrate their competency in this introductory level will be awarded with an international certification title.


2. Manager CMMP®

CIMM® accredited Manager CMMP® grade is the next level after the Associate CMMP® introductory grade which is for professionals who are very conversant the different concept of the marketing management disciple. The everyday ever increasing variety in the marketing management profession warrants for a continuous professional development and it is needed to add value to their various tasks in the business cycle. The accredited Manager CMMP® grade is very ideal for Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Coordinators, Field Marketer, Marketing Communication Managers, Digital Marketer, SEO Officer, Website Developers, Graduates in Marketing, Business Owners, Outlet Managers, Contact Managers, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Marketing Research Managers, Sales Lead Managers, Distribution Managers, Supply-Chain Managers, Sales Engineers, Business Development Managers, Information Technologists etc.

The certification is bound to enhance the absolute skills, knowledge and abilities of Manager CMMP® professionals and will tend to also enhance them to be able to better track and solve issues of guiding the teams the control towards a better and enhance sales performance.


3. Executive CMMP®

The CIMM® accredited Executive CMMP® grade is the third stage in becoming a Chartered CIMM® the advance stage for the internationally accredited Chartered CMMP®  and are meant for professionals who have the need to catch up with the global marketing competition around the globe. The marketing professional who passed this stage will have an upper hand in tackling the challenges that is required by technological innovations. It will help to improve their numerous responsibilities and will be well respected in the leadership positions they held in their various organizations.

The Executive CMMP® is mainly for individuals who have fast and rapid decision skills, who are an expert in the development of new policies and the people who have vital role in every organization in the recruiting and training of new professionals.

The certification will not just bring increased value to their credentials and CV’s but it will also help in the enhancement of their insight and critical analytical skills in tackling any challenges that they are faced with in the global market.

This certification stage is a perfect match for Marketing Executives, Product/Brand Planners, Research and Development Executives, seniors in Marketing Personnel Departments, Senior position holder in Logistics and Distribution professions, Project Negotiators, and for Marketing professionals working in Executive positions in the Marketing Information Department etc.


4. Chartered CMMP®

The CIMM® accredited Executive CMMP® grade is the last and the highest level of marketing designation developed for professionals in the senior most positions in the marketing departments of their organizations i.e. Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Marketing Directors, Vice President of Marketing Management, Marketing Management Directors, Marketing Educators, Deputy Director of Marketing, Marketing Consultancy Firm, Regional/Country Head Marketing, Marketing Consultants etc.

The professionals at this stage will and must be able to bring efficient innovative performance of the business operations they control. Their professional credential will allow them to be the expert in the marketing profession. They will be highly respected and the evidence of the training they have received will be as a voice in whatever they do. They can mentor and bring up other new marketing professional as fast as possible. The certifications at this stage will be able enhance their ability to bring about a direct success in the business structure they are in.



So as to be enrolled in the CMMP® program, the prospective candidates need to have some academic and professional level.

The academic requirements to be enrolled to each of the CMMP® level is quite different. You must have complete a stage before you can proceed to another stage such that the prospective candidates must have at the point of registration completed one of marketing related course either in diploma, undergraduate degree and graduate program with one or more of business and marketing courses.


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