The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management - CIMM, the African highest and the most recognized body of professional marketing in Ghana and Nigeria in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Digital Marketing, Nigeria launches a joint certification program in digital marketing.

This is the era and the times of digital revolution where technology is the order of the day, and in times like this where technology has opened new and un-repented opportunities for marketing of all business scales. Digitalization, individualization and networking and the emergence of consumers being enlightened has result to new challenges which open opportunities for marketers.

Our product and services may not have changed but definitely the way we market then has changed which makes the ever evolving discipline of digital marketing to offer marketing management the opportunities for profitability, innovation, measurability, affordability, targeting and being more closer to the consumers. Organizations are not the only one who has benefited for the evolution of marketing to digital form but also there has been a boom for web developer, web designer, digital marketer and content marketers.



To get the full potential of the digital marketing and to leverage effectively on its economic impact on consumers, we need to poses the solid foundation of Digital Marketing. We focus on the following area in our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

  • Internet evolution and its impacts

  • Emerging tools offered by internet.

  • Deep understanding of social media

  • Knowing how online/internet consumer thinks.

  • Tools needed to improve consumer online experiences.

  • How to monitor and evaluate traffic-building activities for marketers.

  • Intergrade the digital marketing and traditional marketing efforts.

  • Benefit of marketers through proper consumer segmentation, forecasting consumer trends and consumer analytics.



  • A whole lot of individuals have passed through and benefited for the course. You can also develop your skills and knowledge needed in the world of digital marketing. Your business can have a great turn around by simply applying the principles of digital marketing learnt for this course. This course follow a practical procedure whereby the participate follow a technic called 'do-it-yourself' (DIY) in teaching the fundamentals of digital marketing in the modern world.

  • This course aims is to develop the full understanding, skills and ability needed in all the digital marketing platforms. Which are the Introduction to Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, Online Copy-writing and Web Pr, Email Marketing, Online Advertising And PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media And Viral Marketing, Web Analytics And Conversation Optimization, Mobile Marketing And The Internet Marketing Strategy.


The program is by professional in the marketing professions with years of experience and who evolving in the digital marketing field of are still currently with has imparted them and their business greatly. It wholly covers the basic concepts of marketing, advertising, sales and selling promotion, while is in-depth cover the basic and advance knowledge of internet marketing.

Digital marketing is practical in nature for better understanding of the students and therefore the learning concepts will be linked with hands on training, whereby the students will work with near reality marketing data, website optimization, displays ads, search engine optimizations.

Digital Marketing Course is an initiative created in order to teach students and professionals in the area of Digital Marketing analytics and also get them prepared for employments as the same time preparing them to be able to be self-reliance.


  • Individuals wanting to have diverse knowledge

  • Marketers who wish to integrate digital marketing to widely reach people

  • Graduates

  • Students

  • Web designers

  • Entrepreneur

  • Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing or get more out of their Digital channels.

  • Anyone responsible for firm online strategy.

  • Teachers who will also need to pass the knowledge to others

  • Managers

  • CEO who wishes to moves his/her firm in the internet for fast growth.

  • NYSC Corp members from Nigeria

  • Traditional marketers who want to fast-track their marketing career or enter the digital world.

  • SME who need to maximize the internet for growing their business.

  • Individuals who wants Internet Marketing and increase their job opportunities.



The aim and the objective of the digital marketing course is to aid participants to fully get the skills, knowledge and understanding of the various digital marketing methods. The aim is also be able to do so from different angle, either as a consumer, entrepreneur or even as an analysts.




The course is divided into three (3) modules. Of which each of the modules have different and unique content, its focus and aim. The modules are 1. Basic marketing, 2. Basic adverting and 3. Digital Marketing.



  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing: What is Digital Marketing, history and pioneers of digital marketing. Today’s digital marketing context with a specific focus on the African landscape, future trends, how the tactics taught in this course fit together.

  2. Web Design and Development: The website as the center of an online marketing strategy, specification sheet, principles of visual web design, creating and managing content, legal requirements, technical requirements, step-by-step process of web development.

  3. Online Copywriting and Web PR: What is web copywriting, good writing in general and writing for the web specifically, nuances of writing for your website, email newsletter and blog, using free tools to manage your online reputation and engaging with your online audience effectively.

  4. Email Marketing: Email marketing as a useful tactic, planning, creating and distributing an email campaign, online applications, creating an email database, dos and don’ts of sending a campaign, key benefits and drawbacks of email marketing.

  5. Online Advertising And PPC: Difference between online and offline advertising, free vs. paid advertising, online advertising techniques, appropriate use of online advertising techniques, creating ads.

  6. Search Engine Optimization: Search engines and how they interacts with websites, what is SEO, why it is important for your website, how to optimize your website for search engines, what is your competition doing, off-page optimization, tools and applications for optimization.

  7. Social Media And Viral Marketing: What is social networking, types of social media, outlining a social media strategy for your business, building, maintaining and communicating with your social networking community, viral marketing and creating your own viral marketing campaign.

  8. Web Analytics and Conversation Optimization: Evaluating your online marketing efforts, return on investments (ROI), using feedbacks from current marketing efforts to inform future decisions on budgeting and strategy, converting web visitors into customers, click through rate.

  9. Mobile Marketing: Defining mobile marketing, mobile technology in Africa, and Key benefits of mobile marketing, identifying and applying mobile marketing techniques, leading applications and services, mobile codes of conduct and risks, consumers’ behavior of generation Z.

  10. Internet Marketing Strategy: Taking a holistic approach to digital marketing, techniques for creating an integrated and effective digital marketing strategy, start with the basic and expand ypur campaign, tools and resources for continuing your digital marketing education.



  • Our lectures are professionals in the field with years of earned experiences

  • Our lectures centers are up to date with the state of the art facilities.

  • Our lecture times are flexible depending on the student choice at a particular time

  • About 40% of training time is dedicated to practical hands-on exercises build and practice the fundamentals.

  • We adopt the latest case study industry which are being used to bring meaning and relevance to the course.



The assessment process is divided into 2 levels.

A. Based on assignments, attendance and projects
B. Covers entire topic of the course curriculum.

The candidates are expected to face a written examination of 2 hours duration.



Four (4) simple steps to join Professional Diploma Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing

1. Pick up the form at any of our accredited state office. (Our accredited state offices are stated on our website, please check though).

2. Fill in the registration form.
3. Attach 2 passport size photographs. (Soft copies in online registration process)
4. Pay the fees through the state offices.

Alternatively, go to the register section of our website for online registration. For online registration as well, all documents should be uploaded as being specified.

Digital Marketing Certification

After successful completion of the training the candidates will be awarded Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, a Joint Certificate College of marketing Management and the Institute of Chartered Digital Marketing, Nigeria.

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