The impact of Chartered Marketer Status

have a sharp increase in salary and earning after being a Chartered Marketing status
Says they are better marketer after earning the Chartered Marketing status
concur that the Chartered Marketing status shows their integrity and commitment to ethical behavior.


Are new in marketing career or are a professional marketer or maybe you want to have what it takes to be called a chartered marketer by expanding your knowledge, then you need to join us which also gives you the opportunity to meet other bright individuals which can lead to the expansion of your marketing skills and experience through our qualifications and training.

As a member of the African leading professional marketing body, you will gain the recognition needed to stay on top of your profession.

Increase and expand your insight and your network connection. Membership gives you the privilege and opportunity to attend our periodical seminars and workshop to top-up and update your knowledge and skills and be up to date in the marketing management field at a much discounted rates. You will have the privilege to use our designation titles before your name.


How to become a member 

Download or pick application forms from any CIMM offices worldwide.

Successfully Complete the Chartered Institute of Marketing Management (CIMM) Lectures and Examinations.


The benefits of membership include;

  • Right to use of the MMO, ACMM, MCIMM, FCMM and CIMM designation.

  • Access to use our PGD certificate for your Masters and PHD programme.

  • Connecting with other professionals in the marketing management professions.

  • Linkages with other professional bodies in different part of the world.

  • Access to our quarterly newsletter which are written by diverse professionals.

  • Free copies of the Institute's journal 'The Marketing Manager' and the electronic bulletin the e-connect.

  • Access to technical support on professional matters.

  • Access to leading edge knowledge in your field of specialization through our Continuing Professional Development Education (CPD) programmes.

  • Affiliation through CIMM to international bodies such as the Global Institute of Project Management, Africa, College of Marketing Management, Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, Institute of Chartered Digital MarketingPan Atlantic college of Health Safety and Environmental Management and so on

  • Access to our library resources in both electronic and conventional form. The latter includes books, journals and videotape material.

  • Discounted rates at the CIMM seminars, workshop, our conference and facilities, situated within an environment conducive for both business and relaxation.

  • Eligibility to join our affiliated professional institutions.

  • Access to value-adding services that include career helpline and discounted rates with selected service providers.


Membership is tailored to match your level of skill, competence and experience. For those who are starters in a career or have been working in project management for some period, there is a level of membership to suit you:

  1. Student

  2. Affiliate

  3. Associate

  4. Full

  5. Fellow

  6. Doctorate

  7. Corporate


The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management (CIMM) is a professional training and educational institute providing leading edge in marketing management, digital marketing, advertising and sales lead training and as well provides consultancy services. CIMM operates the 'Chartered Marketing Management Professionals' (CMMP) a network of membership open to individuals and corporate organisations interested in marketing management. Once registered members will be able to participate at discounted costs in various CIMM's organised activities such as: seminars, conferences, workshops. CIMM main objective is to promote marketing management best practices in USA, Nigeria, Ghana, and beyond.

You are encouraged to become a Chartered Marketing Management Professional member and participate in our activities. Please give us any feedback by emailing:


Have your training delivered on your home, office, organisations and in the field and take advantage of a number of additional benefits. We regularly deliver these benefits to a wide range of organisations large and small, public and private sector. We can do the same for you.


Save money

If you have a number of people with the same training requirement you will probably find it more cost effective to have us deliver your training locally at a venue of your choice. We are always happy to come to you - we go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

Let us worry about travel problems

Taking the in house option means that it's us that has to worry about any travel or accommodation hassles, not your people, but we don't mind. Anything that works for you is good for us. All our trainers are mobile and travel fully equipped with their own presentation equipment if none is available on your site.

Make the training specific to your organisation and your challenges

A major benefit of in house training is that it offers you the opportunity to have aspects of the course customized to be more specific to your organization and the challenges you have. We can tailor the delivery of the event to be consistent to your own policies, processes and systems so that your people can relate the learning points covered to the real work more readily. In addition to tailoring an existing course to more closely meet your requirements we can also develop bespoke courses. With a bespoke course we design the course from scratch with your input. That means you can decide on duration, content, delivery modes, timings and a host of other variables.

Talking your language

We make sure that we cut out the jargon, explain things in plain simple terms and use examples and descriptions from your business sector to help make the learning easier and more relevant to you and your people.

Or maybe you just want to treat your people.

Training courses are a great opportunity for giving people a break from the work place and a welcome change of scenery. People say that a change is as good as a rest, and you may want to use the training event as a means of taking people away from the daily grind and think about things in a new light. Perhaps there's a nice local hotel or conference centre where you'd like to take them to make them feel special for a day or two.

A greater range of course

Some of the courses in our portfolio are not suited to being delivered on an open public basis and only run in house. So in addition to all of the courses described in our public schedule, we also offer the following courses as in house options:

  • Executive Graduate Conversion Course

  • Certified Marketing Planning Manager - CMPM

  • Chartered Marketing Manager - CMM

  • Diploma of Marketing Management – MM Diploma

  • Certified Sales Lead Manager -CSLM

  • Chartered Human Resources Manager - CHRM

  • Certified Advertising Officer - CAO

  • Chartered Digital Marketing - CDM

  • Certified SEO Monitoring Manager - CSMM

  • Website and Content Manager - CWCM

  • Chief Online Advertising Manager - COAM

  • Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management - PGD CIMM

Application and Registration Procedure

To facilitate admission, students must complete the form and return/send to us with the following relevant documents: 

  • Copies of Relevant Academic certificates

  • Two colored passport size photographs

  • A copy of National ID, Driver’s license or International Passport

  • Detailed CV

  • Other relevant professional certificates and testimonies.


REACH your peak

Achieve your goals faster than you ever thought.

The road map to your career success begin with us

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Management (CIMM) is present in over 13 countries world-wide. Predominantly in Ghana and Nigeria.


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